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GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions

 Judicial-Link GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions in Criminal Justice cases with Active GPS Ankle Monitor.

GPS Electronic Monitoring Solutions Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Company provides Electronic Monitoring Services with active GPS Ankle Monitor in Criminal Justice Cases.

Advantages to Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Program:
Electronic Monitoring can  be utilized for a variety of situations, including house arrest, home detention, probation, pretrial release and those in need of alcohol and drug monitoring devices. Ultimately, our goal is to help individuals suffering from alcohol or drug addiction reintegrate back into the community, leading to a renewed and positive life transformation. 

Alternative Solution: Our alternative solution for post release and pretrial release uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to update courts with real-time activity, while simultaneously providing clients with discreet services, allowing them to be close to their support systems and attend work and family responsibilities. Our electronic monitoring solutions offer a cost effective alternative to incarceration and research-driven results suggests it also acts as an effective deterrent against new offenses. Most importantly, it also empowers individuals to be proactive and accountable for their own sobriety.

At Judicial-Link we believe in service to community and remain dedicated to utilizing the most current technologies.