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Getting Started

Please review this Getting Starting Page for documentation Judicial-Link requires to begin processing.

Getting Started documentation

Court Documentation and Instructions:
To get started we require a copy of your court order (minute order) or probation instructions describing the type of Electronic Monitoring required and any allowable exceptions.
We call these exceptions GPS Zones.
Example: GPS Zones
Inclusion Zone: Home, Work, Counseling, Alcohol or Drug programs, Medical, etc.
Exclusion Zone: Are any place or persons you are not allowed to be associated with or go near.
Once the Zones are established and Schedules are set they are input into the Electronic Monitoring Software for GPS tracking purposes to interact with the GPS device and your assigned schedules.
BLUtag GPS Ankle Monitor and How it Works.

Electronic Monitoring Agreement and Application: Please complete the on-line agreement’s and return to our office.     Application for Electronic Monitoring  Electronic Monitoring Agreement  no worries if you do not have all the information at hand, our staff will work with you and the Court, Probation Officer or your Attorney to obtain the correct information.

Monitoring Fees: Electronic monitoring fees are based on offense or risk level and court ordered parameters.
Daily Fee: Monitoring fees are based on a daily rate and billed over a 30 or 31 day period.
Setup – Activation: There is a one-time set up and activation fee.

Setup – Activation and first 30 or 31 day monitoring fee are due at time of contract approval.
Electronic Payment: You will receive an email link to our electronic payment portal containing instructions for payment.
Credit Card: Authorization for Automatic Payments Automatic Payment Authorization Form
Cash, Cashier’s Check Money order or Bank Transfer must be received 3 days prior to each billing period.
**Required: An email address is required for payment process.