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Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring serves the composition of the greater regional Sacramento area composed of seven counties. El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties.

Electronic Monitoring Sutter Co Benefits

• Reduced cost of incarceration
• Ability to tailor consequences to the individual
• Opportunity for the individual to contribute to society
• A mechanism to hold violators immediately accountable

Reduced Cost of Incarceration

On average, according to the Public Policy Institute of California, it costs $114 per day to incarcerate an inmate. The average cost of Judicial-Link GPS is only $16 per day. Put another way, Judicial-Link GPS costs approximately 14 percent of the cost of traditional incarceration. Additionally, the defendant pays fees for Electronic Monitoring as a form of alternative sentencing. The taxpayer doesn’t cover the cost of electronic monitor

Electronic Monitoring Sutter Co. Ankle Monitor

Tailored to the Individual  

With traditional incarceration methods, the government houses individuals, and budget dictates whether a jail can offer programs. However, the government cannot offer all the programming an individual may need. With Judicial Link GPS, the individual works with their program agent to identify resources. These resources may include individual counseling, GED classes, treatment, or job readiness training. The individual can participate in tailor-made programming while connected to Judicial-Link GPS. Judicial-Link GPS obtains immediate and ongoing feedback by using an ankle monitor. This way, the probation agent knows the individual is on track with their rehabilitation. If they skip a treatment session or fail to appear for job training, probation can find out immediately.

Electronic Monitoring Sutter Co  Includes: Global Positioning (GPS) BluTag Ankle Monitor, Home Detention Monitoring (EM) and SoberTrack GPS Alcohol Monitoring.

When is Electronic Monitoring Effective: Alcohol Drug, Domestic Violence, Family Court, Misdemeanor Cases and Out-of-County Residents.

How is Electronic Monitoring Sutter Co used:  Pretrial – Post Supervision, Condition of Release, Sentencing Conditions and Probation Supervision.

Judicial-Link getting started: https://judiciallink.com/getting-started/

BLUtag Ankle Monitor

How does a BLUtag GPS Ankle Monitor work: https://judiciallink.com/forms/SECURUS-STOP.pdf