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Electronic Monitoring Los Angeles Home Detention Program

Electronic Monitoring Los Angeles, Home Detention, House Arrest, Home Confinment

We provide an alternative to incarceration pending the Court’s approval. We do this by placing a one-piece Global Positioning Ankle Monitor on the defendants ankle thereby allowing us to monitor the defendants location 24/7 until they have completed their sentence.  Call  for Appointment 1 (888) 688-5263 or Email Us

Our mission is to make the installation process easy for our clients. That’s why we offer alternative work spaces and mobile installations . Our vehicles are equipped with GPS Monitoring Software linking to our  Monitoring Center.   

                           Electronic Monitoring Los Angeles | Home Detention | Alternative Sentencing

Electronic Monitoring Los Angeles, also known as Home Detention, House Arrest or Home Confinement, is an alternative to serving time in jail.

Participants may to go to work, school, attend counseling or other court-mandated programs or complete community service obligations as a condition of their sentence, probation.

Judicial-Link electronic monitoring Los Angeles home detention program is enforced through a BLUtag GPS ankle monitor bracelet. The bracelet sends a real-time signal to Judicial-Link providing real-time communication of any violations or irregularities.

Using a combination of Satellite technologies and wireless networks, the device attempts to sends and receives a GPS data point every minute on a 24 hour basis. This allows Judicial-Link to create specific inclusion and exclusion zones, while mapping and tracking the enrollee’s location, date, time and any violations.

  • Inclusion Zone: A circular or polygonal geographic area the enrollee is required to enter, usually set in feet or meters. Enrollees are required to enter and leave these zones at a specific time on a designated day. Example Home, Work and Court approved programs.
  • Exclusion Zone: A geographic area the enrollee must not enter.
    Exclusion zones are date and time sensitive, meaning the supervising agent determine the time frames and the days of the week the enrollee is not to enter the zone.
  • BLUtag Ankle Monitor: A one piece GPS monitoring device, installed around the enrollee’s ankle. It receives GPS signals from satellites orbiting the earth, which tell supervising agents the enrollee’s location 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. BLUtag reports, or transmits, the location information, including violations, to VeriTracks using cell phone service.

 Home Detention Terms and Conditions for Alternative Sentencing

Although home detention also known as house arrest or home confinement can confine you to your residence, it is typical for offenders to face less restrictive punishment. When the court imposes house arrest it means that, if you comply with all of the judge’s conditions, you will avoid serving time in jail. Home detention is still punishment; but it’s more desirable than traditional jail time.

Depending on the crime you committed and your criminal record, the judge may allow you to do any of the following:

  • Work or attend school
  • Travel to medical appointments
  • Attend counseling appointments, alcohol / drug classes, community service, etc.
  • Tend to family obligations, and Participate in any other court-approved activities

Court-ordered terms and conditions may also include:

  • Curfew restrictions
  • Random drug testing
  • Attend court-ordered programs
  • Scheduled meetings with your probation officer.

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