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Judicial-Links Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Sacramento provides an alternative to incarceration “pending Court’s approval”.

Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Sacramento by Appointment.

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Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program for Alternative sentencing. Serves the regional composition of greater Sacramento area composed of eight counties, two metropolitan areas and two micropolitan areas. El Dorado, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties.

 Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Sacramento Alternative Sentencing Program

Once enrolled in Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Program the enrollee may live at home and tend to family obligations. If approved by the court they may also attend, counseling, drug or alcohol programs, school, and medical appointments Legal and Probation appointments and take part in other court-approved activities.

 About Home Detention Monitoring

Judicial-Link electronic monitoring home detention program is enforced through a BLUtag GPS ankle bracelet. The bracelet sends a real-time signal to Judicial-Link providing real-time communication of any violations or irregularities.
The enrollee, is responsible to pay the costs of Electronic Monitoring.  

Global Positioning Satellite Tracking

Although you usually think of GPS tracking as being exclusive to our cars, it’s not. GPS tracking is a critical tool in the electronic monitoring world. Using a combination of Satellite technologies and wireless networks, the device attempts to sends and receives a GPS data point every minute on a 24 hour basis. This allows Judicial-Link to create specific inclusion and exclusion zones, while mapping and tracking your whereabouts.

Violating Terms and Conditions of Electronic Monitoring Agreement

When an enrollee is on home detention and travels beyond his/her authorized zone radius the system sends an alert to Judicial-Link notifying the enrollee is in violation. When a violation takes place, an agent will call the enrollee, to inquire about the nature of the violation.

Getting Started

Barring any unusual circumstances enrollee’s can exhibit a stable and productive life.

Link: About BLUtag GPS Ankle Monitor