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Electronic Monitoring Home Detention provides an alternative to incarceration pending Court’s approval.  Alameda Clients are now served in Novato.

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Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Home Detention  Alameda County, offers an alternative to incarceration made available to eligible defendants approved by the court as a condition of Pretrial-Release or Post-Release.

  • Electronic Monitoring Home Detention in Alameda County allows the defendant an opportunity to complete their legal obligations while remaining employed, attending counseling, drug or alcohol programs and to remain home with their families.

  • By allowing an individual to remain in  the community as a productive citizen, he/she can continue to contribute to the welfare of his/her family and society as a whole, as well as receive any needed treatment.

  • While on Electronic Monitoring Home Detention in Alameda County an enrollee may be scheduled out of their home for work, counseling, drug or alcohol treatment, and additional necessary activities if approved by the legal authority, usually the Court, Sheriff or Probation. Prior approval must be received for all activities.

Judicial-Link uses Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite monitoring for medium to high risk offenders as part of a special condition imposed by the Court. GPS monitoring is used to enforce curfews, establish prohibited/restricted areas, and assess and monitor offender movement in the community.

Depending on the type of GPS technology employed with a particular enrollee, monitoring can be performed on an almost real-time basis. GPS offers a high level of offender accountability to both the public and crime victims by monitoring when an offender enters or exits prescribed areas known as inclusion zones or exclusion zones.

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