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 Defense Attorney for court approved defendants Judicial-Link electronic monitoring program is a viable alternative to Jail. 

 Judicial-Link monitoring program relies on the use of global positioning system (GPS) with an electronic ankle monitor that is continuously attached to enrollee in order to identify their locations.

The GPS system uses the U.S. Department of Defense’s Global Positioning Satellites (NAVSTAR), the same network that oversees our nation’s safety day and night. A real time monitoring system to ensure continuous operation supports this system. Never before has the tracking of an enrollee been as advanced and effective as with active GPS tracking. Not only can we establish multiple INCLUSION ZONES to ensure that the enrollee is at a particular location for certain time periods (e.g. home, work, rehab), we can also establish EXCLUSION ZONES for areas the court orders the enrollee to avoid.

Our Monitoring Center can watch an enrollee movements on the screen as they occur. Along with the GPS receiver incorporated into the unit, there is also a cellular receiver which allows the device to communicate instantly without relying on the availability of a land line

Advantages to Judicial-Link Electronic Monitoring Program:
Some advantages to Electronic monitoring include: • Deterrent from possible Flight Risk, • Eliminates the burden on tax payer from the cost of incarceration because client pays the cost • Allows client to work, support their family, make restitution and attend rehabilitation programs,  • Court may grant approval to lower high bail amounts with inclusion of a Gps Ankle Monitor .

The reported cost to house an inmate in county jail on average is $114 per day. “Public Policy Institute of California”. Average cost of Judicial-Link Gps electronic monitoring program is $16.00 a day

Electronic Monitoring Trends in Criminal Justice

Electronic monitoring has comes a long way since 1983, when Judge Jack Love, inspired by a Spiderman comic, slapped an electronic monitor on a defendant and sentenced him to house arrest. By the late 1980s, the concept had grown in popularity, but many still had concerns on whether electronic monitoring was a step toward a civilized future or an undesirable invasion of privacy.

Since then, electronic monitoring has spread rapidly across the country as crowded courts and over-crowded jails required creative solutions. At approximately one-sixth the cost of imprisonment, electronic monitoring is one alternative to jail time, and advances in technology provide a variety of monitoring systems to choose from.

As courts seek to find alternatives to incarceration, especially for non-violent substance abuse violations, electronic monitoring will continue to grow and evolve with technology. In 2011, the National Institute of Justice published a study entitled “Electronic Monitoring Reduces Recidivism” that found “electronic monitoring reduces offenders’ risk of failure by 31 percent” in the state of Florida. With these and other studies showing the efficacy of the units, it appears that electronic monitoring may be here to stay.

Source: South University: https://www.southuniversity.edu/whoweare/newsroom/blog/Electronic-Monitoring-Trends-in-Criminal-Justice