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Sex Offender released as transient in Sonoma County on GPS Ankle Monitor

Sex Offender released as transient in Sonoma County on GPS Ankle Monitor

PETALUMA (KRON) — The State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is reporting that a high-risk sex offender will not be released to Petaluma, Petaluma police said Friday.

Twenty-three-year-old Jonathan Michael Hoppner was convicted of annoying and molesting a child and sexual battery, police said.

He is out of jail and has 24 hours to check in with a parole agent. And he has five days to update his status with Megan’s Law.user21861-1459471811-media1

Police arrested Hoppner on two occasions for sexual batteries which occurred on the Santa Rosa Junior College Santa Rosa Campus.

“This individual has served the sentence imposed by the courts. Although we object, the Petaluma Police Department has no legal authority to dictate where this subject lives,” Lt. Ken Savano said in a press release.

The State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation told Petaluma police Thursday that it planned to release Hoppner to a hotel in Petaluma.

This sex offender is still out of jail, and he has to stay in Sonoma County. But the hotel in Petaluma where he had booked a room will no longer accept him after all the publicity this case has received.

Hoppner is now expected to register as a transient.

The victims of the sex crimes were females between 15 and 50 years old, police said. Four of those offenses happened between Jan. and June 2013.

In all of those instances, Hoppner grabbed the women’s butts, police said. He was cited and then essentially let go.

On the fourth time, he not only groped a woman outside of a Kohl’s, but he also put her in a bear hug. For that, he pleaded no contest to felony false imprisonment, which sent him to prison.

But while he was on parole, he groped again. All these incidents happened in Santa Rosa and the latest offense at the junior college.

He will be released wearing a GPS ankle monitor.

Authorities said Hoppner is mentally disabled.

The Department of Corrections said it is unfortunate that Hoppner will not have a stable place to stay and that this development does complicate things.

Parole agents will be supervising him. Rehabilitation treatment is part of Hoppner’s release conditions.

Savano said police were alerting the public to Hoppner’s pending release in Petaluma so the public could protect themselves and their children from a known high-risk sex offender.

“Petaluma has the right and the duty to inform the public,” Khokhobashvili said. The decision by the Petaluma hotel only delayed his placement, she said.

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